This shopping experience is an online version of my project, I ♥ My Attitude Collection: The Store. It was first presented by the Dumbo Art Center at the NADA Art Fair in Miami Beach in 2011.

For I ♥ My Attitude Collection: The Store, I presented my personal collection of mass-produced items, all inscribed with standardized, yet culturally tailored, statements of irreverence containing the word attitude. In a converted booth/boutique, I sold objects such as mugs, t-shirts, and key-chains printed with phrases such as, “If you don’t like my Brooklyn attitude, quit talking to me,” or “I Don’t Have an Attitude Problem, You Have a Perception Problem.”

Playing with the desires of a collecting audience for whom the rarity or the price tag of an item often holds as much appeal as formal or conceptual ideas, I produced limited edition attitude artworks to be sold alongside the collected kitsch.

These 2019 editions are based on original works shown in 2011.

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