The Division Museum of Ceramics and Glassware

The Division Museum of Ceramics and Glassware (2004–2014), was a community-led museum. In 2004 the museum director began collecting dishes broken through everyday use from family, friends, and colleagues. In 2007, the museum opened a storefront exhibition space in Chinatown, New York, to display these broken items for one year. At the Museum, the public was encouraged to donate their own dishes broken through everyday use. These donations were added to the Museum’s collection and displayed as part of the permanent exhibition.

In addition to this long-term installation piece, the project consisted of photographic works created by documenting the collection. After its Chinatown space, the Museum was presented as a series of travelling exhibitions comprised of displays, photographs, and interactive dish smashing “donation” events in which members of the public could participate in the creation of historical artefacts.

We would like to thank everyone who supported the Division Museum (2004 – 2014)

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